Tennessee Preservation Trust

Tennessee Development Districts:

There are nine development districts in the state of Tennessee put in place by the Tennessee Development District Association in 1965. These development districts assist in historic preservation by providing economic development grants and loans, community enhancement grants, local government assistance, GIS/GPS mapping services, tourism promotion, and local planning. Click here to see which district your city or county is in.

Development Districts:

Three of the development districts maintain contracts with the Tennessee Historical Commission to fund a preservation planner position. The preservation planners provide information relative to historic preservation programs and practices to local governments and interested groups; facilitate the nomination of properties to the National Register of Historic Places; assist with the completion of a statewide cultural resource survey; provide protection for significant cultural resources through involvement in the project review procedures established under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act; prepare grant applications to promote and preserve historic resources, and work with local governments to assist them to develop local historic preservation programs.

The development districts with historic preservation planners include: