Tennessee Preservation Trust


Commemorating 50 years of the National Historic Preservation Act.


June 15th, 2016Preservation50 in Tennessee honors the Moye Green House in Portland, TN for excellence in preservation.

May 3rd, 2016The Big Payback 50% of funds raised during the 24-hour giving event will go directly to Preservation50 in Tennessee.

April 2016 Preservation50 in Tennessee Celebrates Civil Rights History in Monteagle


80th Anniversary of Norris Dam Celebrates Tennessee’s History

50 Years of Historic Preservation Help Preserve Cumberland Homestead Houses

What is Preservation50?

The four-year effort to celebrate, learn from, and leverage the National Historic Preservation Act’s first five decades to assure historic preservation’s vibrant future in America.

What are the goals of Preservation50?

1. Build a strong coalition of partners to power a more effective national preservation movement
2. Learn from the first 50 years of NHPA to plan its future
3. Tell the story to a broad range of Americans of the great value of preserving historic places
4. Educate for sound policies and enhanced funding support for heritage preservation
5. Engage and develop the preservation movement’s future leaders

What is the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA)?

Signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson on October 15th, 1966, the NHPA formally recognized the value of historic preservation and created the federal framework supporting the preservation and protection of the irreplaceable buildings, landscapes, and archaeology in communities across the United States.

What does the NHPA do?

The law established a national preservation program and procedural protections including:

The National Register of Historic Places

Communities identify and document significant historic and cultural sites to facilitate their preservation.

Provided for State, Tribal and Local Historic Preservation Programs

Section 106 Review Process

Requires the federal government to take into account the effects of its undertakings on historic and cultural resources.

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

Advises the president and congress; collaborates with other government entities on historic preservation.

Historic Preservation Fund

Provides grants for projects relating to historic preservation.

Federal Preservation Programs

Public-private Partnerships

How has Tennessee benefitted from the NHPA?

-$87,341,099+ in federal Historic Tax Credit awarded

-$279,924,000+ in household income generated

-197+ projects funded

-3,878 construction jobs created

-4,347 permanent jobs created

-8,833+ total jobs created

-2071 properties listed in the National Register

-92 of 95 counties have historic districts

-377 local historic districts

-31 certified local governments