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Two Preservation Bills Making Their Way Through the TN General Assembly

Posted: 03/08/2013

Rep. Steve McDaniel has introduced a number of bills in the House regarding the preservation of TN’s heritage this session. Here are a few that are making their way through the General Assembly right now that we are keeping an eye on:

HB 0301 / SB 0642 (sponsored by Tracy & Ketron in the Senate) – The “Tennessee Civil War Site Preservation Act of 2013.”

House Bill 301 passed Monday evening by a vote of 95-0.

HB 0301 creates a special account in the state treasury to be known as the Tennessee Civil War site preservation fund, moneys from which will be used exclusively by the Tennessee Historical Commission to provide grants to private nonprofit organizations to match federal and other matching funds. All such grants will be made solely for the fee simple purchase of, or purchase of protective interests in, any Tennessee Civil War historic site listed in the Report on the Nation’s Civil War Battlefields. Rep. Joe Armstrong from Knoxville added one amendment to the bill, expanding it to include sites in the state relating to the Underground Railroad. The amendment passed.

While the bill creates a mechanism for granting state money for preservation, it’s unclear yet if or when actual funds would be appropriated for the purpose. SB0642, sponsored by Murfreesboro’s Bill Ketron, is scheduled for discussion in the Senate State & Local Government Committee Wednesday, March 13th.

To view the bill in its entirety, visit HB 0301/SB 0642

HB 0553 / SB 0836 (sponsored by Ketron in the Senate) – “Tennessee Heritage Protection Act of 2013.”

House Bill 0553 passed February 25th by a vote of 69-22.

The Heritage Act states that existing memorials to American involvement in armed conflicts can’t be “relocated, removed, altered, renamed, rededicated, or otherwise disturbed…(by) the governmental entity having responsibility for maintaining any of the items, structures, or areas.” An amendment was added which states a government entity wishing to exercise their control shall petition the Tennessee Historical Commission for a waiver.

SB0836, also sponsored by Ketron, is scheduled for discussion in the Senate State & Local Government Committee Tuesday, March 12th.

To view the bill in its entirety, visit HB 0553/SB 0836

HB 0300 / SB 0074 (sponsored by Massey in the Senate) – Real Property

As mentioned in a previous post, this bill authorizes the private sale of certain real or personal property owned by local governments of the state to certain nonprofits for historical or cultural conservation. One amendment requires a majority vote of the local legislative body in order for a political subdivision of the state to dispose of property by private negotiation and sale under this bill.

The Senate passed the bill on the 25th and sent it to the House last week. The bill passed the Local Government Subcommittee and is currently on the calendar of the Finance, Ways & Means Subcommittee for next Wednesday, March 13th.

To view the bill in its entirety, visit HB 0300/SB 0074

These bills and others pending will continue to be monitored by the Tennessee Preservation Trust. For additional information or questions, please Contact Us.