Tennessee Preservation Trust

The 2015 Old House Fair

Posted: 01/31/2015

Tennessee Preservation Trust is partnering with the Metropolitan Historical Commission Foundation to host the 2015 Old House Fair


Saturday March 7
9 a.m. – 3 p.m
Sevier Park Community Center – 3021 Lealand Lane in Nashville

The Old House Fair is a FREE day-long festival that presents new ideas, practical advice, innovative materials and quality services for homeowners.

Exhibitors include companies that specialize in old houses and retailers and artists who cater to owners of Antebellums, Victorians, Bungalows, Tudors and Mid-century Modern homes. A complete list of exhibitors can be found at the Old House Fair’s website

The 2015 Old House Fair will include presentations, demonstrations, and children’s activities.


Repurposing Furniture: Professionally Done vs. DIY
Repurposing is not only a great way to spruce up junk shop finds; it can also afford a new lease on life to family heirlooms and fragile antiques. Join Richard Sullivan, restoration expert from Rosewalker Arts, as he examines the hierarchical scale of repurposing. Richard will examine the three major types of repurposing and give surprising tips on how best to choose the most appropriate approach for your project.

Designing Kitchens for Historic Houses
Join designer and educator Susan Besser to explore the history of kitchens and discuss how to create a kitchen for your home that is functional for the twenty-first century and is sensitive to your home’s historic period. Included in the presentation are cabinetry types and details, appliance resources and appropriate countertops and finishes.

New Additions for the Old
Planning an addition can be more challenging than designing a new house. The key to a successful project is turning negatives into positives. Architect Michael Ward from Allard Ward Architects will provide case-studies of several of his additions covering how they were designed to respect the historic home and still fulfill the needs of the homeowner.

Geothermal. Is it Right for Your Home?
Home energy-efficiency expert Erik Daugherty explains how geothermal works, the criteria that makes a property an ideal candidate and an overview of the expenses, process and benefits. Erik Daugherty grew up in Nashville, earned a graduate degree in sustainable development in Sweden, and founded E3 INNOVATE to help improve the energy efficiency of existing and new homes.

Stormwater Managaement for Existing Buildings
More development means more stormwater issues. There are new regulations for new construction but there is a lot that can be done on lots with existing buildings too. Barry Westbrook with DocAir will provide information about underground PVC piping, channels for hardscape areas, design of catch basin and grates for downspouts and the use of clay to reinforce and protect building foundations.


Flushed Away: Getting Creative with Old Plumbing
Join Andrew Ward to learn about an old home’s plumbing needs. Learn what to look for when purchasing an older home, about items that typically need replacement or repair, and about the multitude of options to address old plumbing issues. Andrew is owner of Republic Plumbing and host of WLAC’s former home improvement show.

A Slick Bevel: Reglazing Your Sash
There is little that will change the outward appearance of your classic wood windows like the seamless bevel of a freshly glazed and painted sash. Come learn tips, techniques, and tools with The Standard Sash that will convert your crumbling and cracking putty into the weather-resistant and aesthetically-pleasing element it was meant to be. Bring a DIY attitude and a steady hand to test what you’ve learned on sample sashes because practice makes perfect with this old craft.

Children’s Activities

Ongoing: Architectural Scavenger Hunt
Old Houses are like mysteries – you never know what you may find! Children are welcome to join in on an Old House Fair scavenger hunt on the grounds of Sevier Park, weather permitting. Clues created by Historic Nashville Inc. will lead them throughout campus and educate about the mysteries of old homes- then back for a prize!

To see a full description of the presentations, demonstrations, and children’s activities visit the Old House Fair website

We hope to see you on Saturday, March 7th for the 2015 Old House Fair
If you would like to volunteer please visit the volunteer information page