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Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Posted: 06/12/2014


Award goes to Tennessee native and longtime preservationist Bill King

The Tennessee Preservation Trust (TPT) announced Bill King as the 2014 recipient of the TPT Lifetime Achievement Award, acknowledging his tireless work preserving the irreplaceable historic treasures in his home town of Denmark, Tenn. The award was granted at TPT’s Annual Membership Meeting on May 1, in Germantown, Tenn.

“Tennessee got lucky the day Mr. King moved back from Louisiana,” said David Currey, TPT board president. “In the eight years since he returned to his home state he has started a new historical association, saved multiple historic churches and restored historic cemeteries, an old telephone office and a Rosenwall School, just to name a few. His passion for preserving what makes his town and our state unique is remarkable and inspiring. TPT is proud to present him with the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award.”

A native of Tennessee, King first got involved in historic preservation in Louisiana, where we moved for his career. There, he formed the Save the School foundation in Lecompte, La., to protect the Lecompte High School, which is now on the National Register of Historic Places. While in Louisiana, he also worked on the addition of more than 200 historic sites to the National Register.

Upon returning to Tennessee, King saw a need for saving historic places in his home state. He founded the Big Black Creek Historical Association and worked tirelessly to preserve the rich history of the community. King restored several churches, cemeteries, and tombstones and raised over $600,000 in support of the preservation of the Denmark Presbyterian Church built in 1954. The Association has located more than 47 cemeteries in a 10-miles radius around Denmark and has worked to clean and restore hundreds of tombstones.

King is a past Chairman of board for the Bemis Museum and the Carnegie for Arts and History in Jackson, Tenn. He has written two books, The Big Black Creek Vol. 1 and A Community at War.

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