Tennessee Preservation Trust

Applications for 2013's Ten In Tennessee Endangered Properties Program Now Available

Posted: 03/11/2013

George Orwell once stated that he who controls the present controls the past. Who is in control of the present? We are.

The historic places we treasure in our communities exist only because at some point in time someone else saw the value in the very same place and took action. Whether it is a small cemetery in the woods or a near forgotten battlefield along the highway, our history matters. From skyscrapers in the city to old slave cabins in the country our historic places need protection. In the past 12 years the Tennessee Preservation Trust has hosted the Ten in Tennessee Endangered Properties Program. This program identifies and advocates for these neglected, ignored, and abused structures and places. New developments often encroach upon the integrity of historic resources unintentionally. Routine maintenance is sometimes ignored and our historic resources deteriorate from neglect.

As preservationists, or even as history sympathizers, it is up to us to bring attention to these threats. We must educate our public about the benefits of preserving our historic resources, the legacy these places leave behind, and what must be enacted to secure a proper means to protect them.

Are you familiar with an endangered place? Are you grasping for straws and exhausting your resources?

Submit an application for your endangered historic resource to be selected for this years Ten in Tennessee. This program will advocate for your historic place and share some helpful hints at securing the site for future generations to explore and enjoy.

Ten in Tennessee has advocated for 90 sites already and continues to encourage local, state, and federal leaders to invest in the past for our future. The Tennessee Preservation Trust is calling on you to spread the word and/or submit applications for Tennessee’s endangered sites.

Control the present and save the past.