Tennessee Preservation Trust

2nd Annual Old House Fair Update

Posted: 02/07/2013

TPT can now announce what presentations and hands-on demonstrations will be happening at the Old House Fair March 9th.

9 am – 3 pm
Cohn School – 4805 Park Avenue

The exact schedule will be announced soon, but in the meantime, we can confirm that the following will take place:

Flushed Away: Getting Creative with Old Plumbing

Join Andrew Ward to learn about an old home’s plumbing needs. Learn what to look for when purchasing an older home, about items that typically need replacement or repair, and about the multitude of options to address old plumbing issues. Andrew is owner of Republic Plumbing and host of WLAC’s former home improvement show.

Old Homes Can Be Comfortable (and Energy Efficient)

Join Jeff Middlebrooks, owner of Nashville Home Energy Solutions, as he examines cost effective improvements that will make your home more energy efficient, comfortable and valuable. Jeff, too, once lived in a drafty, energy inefficient home. Come take a humorous, virtual tour of energy efficiency improvements he has made at his own historic home and hear him share valuable lessons he learned the hard way. Jeff Middlebrooks is Nashville’s original HERS Rater (certified home energy auditor). He has helped hundreds of Middle Tennessee homeowners and builders make their homes more energy efficient, healthy and comfortable.

Windows – To Keep or Not to Keep

Phil Thomason will “let in the light” on old windows with facts and figures from multiple independent studies. He will explain how repair and maintenance can be the most environmentally responsible and financially savvy choice and how old windows add value to your property. Phil is the owner of Thomason & Associates, a national consulting firm based in Nashville.

How to Choose Replacement Windows

Not every old window is salvageable and sometimes the historic windows have already been replaced with inappropriate windows. What should you look for when purchasing a replacement? There are many products that offer a wide variety of options.

Navigating the Path of Metro Permits

Sometimes getting a permit can seem like a chore but if you have a good road map you can get to your destination in no time. Join multiple metro departments to learn about the permitting process. What can you do to speed up results? How might the process be changed in the future? Hear from the very people who process your applications daily. Presenters will be available after the session to talk about your specific project. Joey Hargis, zoning examinations chief for the Department of Codes and Building Safety and Robin Zeigler, historic zoning administrator for Metro Historic Zoning Commission will lead the way.

Financial Incentives for Rehab & Preservation

There are two basic incentives available in TN, Federal Historic Tax Credits and Façade Easements. This session will be of particular interest to anyone who owns income-producing property or is interested in protecting their property past their own ownership. Louis Minter Jackson has reviewed the Federal Historic Tax Credit applications for the Tennessee Historical Commission for 25 years. He lives in East Nashville. Matt Schutz is the administrator of Historic Nashville’s Preservation Easement program.

Do or Die Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your historic house is critical to its continued preservation and to preventing costly or irreparable damage. Join Jaime Destefano for a brief run-down on maintenance do’s and don’ts for historic homes. Learn basic maintenance requirements, how to identify signs of potential deterioration, and how to best prevent and repair further damage. Jaime will also discuss examples of some current techniques, materials, and trends that may negatively impact the architectural and structural integrity of your house. Jaime is the Principal Architectural Historian, with Nashville-based History, Incorporated, a historic preservation consulting firm. She received her Master’s degree in Historic Preservation from a joint program with Clemson University and the College of Charleston with a focus on the conservation and preservation of historic materials and structures.

Green Home Makeovers!

Home energy-efficiency expert Erik Daugherty explains how to effectively renovate older homes to achieve greater comfort, greater durability, improved indoor-air-quality, and improved energy-efficiency. Erik Daugherty grew up in Nashville, earned a graduate degree in sustainable development in Sweden, and founded E3 INNOVATE to help improve the energy efficiency of existing and new homes.

Go Green Nashville

Did you know that more than 40% of America’s carbon emissions come from heating, cooling, lighting, and operating buildings? In neighborhoods characterized by historic homes, that percentage can be even higher. Mark Deutschmann will present Go Green Nashville, a focused initiative designed to help Nashville reduce its overall energy use through home energy retrofits. Learn how the process works, what types of homes are ideal candidates for energy retrofits, what incentives are available, and the benefits to retrofitting your home to save money and energy!

Researching Your Old House

When was my house built? Who lived there? Where can I find old photographs? What did my neighborhood look like? Robbie D. Jones, a Senior Historian at New South Associates and Past President of Historic Nashville, Inc. will share techniques on how to solve the mystery and learn more about your old house.

What Style is My House?

Buildings are often a conglomeration of different styles, but understanding the basic styles of buildings can help you plan for change. There are many different styles throughout the country but this section will focus on those most common for the region. Claudette Stager is the Assistant Director for Federal Programs for the Tennessee Historical Commission. Stager co-edited Looking Beyond the Highway: Dixie Roads and Culture and has authored articles in the Society of Commercial Archaeology’s “Road Notes and News.”

Build a Tree House

This is a hands-on session where children will build a backyard tree house out of a kit made from salvaged materials. Designers from Vintage Millworks, Inc. will educate about how important it is to our environment to reusing building materials.

Hands on Window Demonstration

Learn the basic elements that make up a window and watch as craftspersons repair decayed wood, reglaze window panes and replace window weights.

Pick Period Paints Perfectly

Houses, like people, have character. With the right color scheme, a house can be happy, sophisticated, relaxed, or restrained. With the wrong color scheme, the house can be seen as shy, angry, unorganized, or obnoxious. Help your historic house embrace the character that matches its soul, its architectural style! Attend this session by Martha Dixon Akins who will enlighten you on color theory, period paint schemes, and proper application. Martha is an award-winning historic preservation consultant and licensed interior designer with Patina Period Design. You will be inspired to pick period paints perfectly.

Hope to see you there!!!