Tennessee Preservation Trust

2015 Old House Fair Volunteer Opportunities

Posted: 02/03/2015

Tennessee Preservation Trust is partnering with the Nashville Metro Historical Zoning Commission to host the Old House Fair and we need your help!


Saturday March 7
9 a.m. – 3 p.m
Sevier Park Community Center – 3021 Lealand Lane in Nashville
Volunteer Contact: Penny Bird – 615.933.1238

The Old House Fair is a FREE day-long festival that presents new ideas, practical advice, innovative materials and quality services for homeowners.

Exhibitors include companies that specialize in old houses and retailers and artists who cater to owners of Antebellums, Victoricans, Bungalows, Tudors and Mid-century Modern homes.

Volunteers are needed in the following areas and times:

Promotion, 4 volunteers needed
• Post fliers between now and two weeks prior to the event at businesses within and near the historic overlays.

Friday Setup, 6 volunteers needed
March 6 3pm – 4pm
• Table and chair setup, these will be set-up in advance but will need to double-check the layout and number
• Place “table tents” on tables
• Place table cloths on all tables

Saturday Setup, 3 volunteers needed
March 7, 8am – 9am
• Place 100 bags at welcome table
• Place interior and exterior signage
• Setup projectors and laptops

Breakdown, 5 volunteers needed
March 7, 3pm – 4pm
• Pick up table cloths
• Retrieve interior and exterior signage, easels, and stakes
• Pack up MHC/MHZC’s table

Speaker Liaisons, 3 volunteers needed, 1 for each shift
March 7, 9am – 11am FULL • 11am – 1pm FULL • 1pm – 3pm, OPEN
• Be sure each speaker ends on time
• Assist each speaker with set-up if needed
• Help clear room for the next session

Parking Directors, 2 volunteers needed, 1 for each shift
March 7, 9am – 11am • 11:30am – 1:30pm

Welcome Table, 3 volunteers needed, 1 for each shift
March 7, 9am – 11am FULL • 11am – 1pm OPEN • 1pm – 3pm OPEN
• Greet people as they arrive and ask if they would like to receive email notice about next year’s fair
• Give each person a raffle ticket
• Keep track of number of people who come in and ask how they heard about the Old House Fair
• Assist people with finding exhibit space, presentations, demonstrations and restrooms
• Assist with announcement of winning raffle tickets

If you or a friend are interested in being a volunteer please email Penny Bird. If not, we hope you will still join us for this fantastic event!